Diploma In Hotel Management

This diploma provides training and skills development for people in supervisory positions in the hotel industry. Graduates are prepared for employment in the industry through 'Real Wold Practices' skills being embedded throughout the course and gain invaluable experience through the use of new state-of-the-art facilities such as Front Office Operations Lab, Accommodation Learning Suite, Hospitality Practice Lab and Multi-Resource Computer Labs.

Program Aims
1. To equips students with the fundamental of hotel management as well as specialized knowledge in the area of hotel business
2. To provide quality graduates to fill various managerial positions in the tourism industry
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4. To conduct research and development that will benefit students and their future employers
5. Tp develop transferable skills for entry level position and career advancement
6. To apply and review industry management principles and technical skills.

Career Prospects
Graduates can begin as executives and work their way up to become managers or directors in various areas such as public relations, marketing & sales, restaurants, guest relations, corporate events. MICE, fronts offices and business development and more.

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