Diploma In Tourism Management

This diploma exposes students to global tourism and hospitality practices while providing them with a good understanding of recent trends and the ethical issues that exist in the dynamic and fast-paced tourism industry. The programme imbues students with the leadership skills, managerial background and professionalism necessary for entry-level management positions. A combination of theoretical and practical training also prepare graduates for long-term success and career progression within the industry.

Programme Aims

1. To equips students with the basic tourism management
2. To apply and review management principles and technical skills relevant to the industry
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4. To prepare balanced students with theoretical awareness and practical experience to raise the quality of the tourism industry

Career Prospects
Upon completion of this programme, graduates can work in various sectors of the industry, including hotels, travel agencies, sports clubs, casinos, and exhibition or convention centres. Graduates can also work as tour coordinator, travel advisors and travel sales & marketing representatives.

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