Diploma in Accounting (Diploma Perakaunan) Cosmopoint Sabah

secured loan,secured loan calculator, student debt consolidation loans, consolidating students loan, purchase structured settlements,Cosmopoint KK Sabah,Cosmopoint University, Sabah Cosmopoint,Kolej Cosmopoint KK,Cosmopoint Sabah Kota KinabaluThe Diploma in Accounting provides students with the opportunity to acquire effective knowledge and skills in accounting studies. The programme gives a sound knowledge of the principles and concepts of accounting, along with an analysis of the significant literature and applied knowledge in the industry.

The Diploma equips candidates with knowledge, skills and understanding of the best practices in accounting and an appreciation of the value of research, critical thinking and effective communication. Meanwhile, graduates develop professional understanding in areas such as finance, management, accounting, auditing and taxation.

Programme Aims
1. To equip graduates with the fundamental theory and practice of business accounting and finance.
2.To enhance financial reporting and presentation skills.
3.To produce graduates who are able to analyze accounting problem ethically and effectively.

Career Prospects
Upon completion of this programme, graduates are able to work as accounts assistants, financial advisors, loan officers, administrative support roles in the finance industry, as well as officers and supervisors in the financial and commercial institutions.Welcome to Cosmopoint Sabah.

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