Diploma in Broadcasting & Film

The world of film and broadcasting is triving, providing the next generation of storytellers with new opportunities both in front and behind the camera. This programme delivers exciting theoretical and practical lessons about the screen media. Students will also be placed directly in the 'action' portion of broadicasting studios, which will subsequently help build their skills and creative talents at a professional level, not to mention providing unparalleled experience.

Programme Aims
1.To prepare students with creative and technical skills and know-how for film, television and radio.
2.To create new and original story ideas, in addition to managing creative productions and development processes to realise the most unique effect.
3.To develop a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry and be exposed to a variety of practices and players.

Career Prospects
Cosmopoint Sabah, Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu, Kolej Kota Kinabalu Cosmopoint, Cosmopoint University, Cosmopoint College Kota KinabaluIn the film industry, there are an array of employment opportunities open to graduates with this diploma, including being a director, announcer, editor, scriptwrriter, designer or producer. Graduates with an interest in recording could look forward to a career as a recording engineer, music producer, mixer, sound editor or studio manager. In the field of broadcasting, there are numerous television and radio broadcasting careers to graduates equipped with this diploma. These include disc jockey, newscaster/reporter, sound engineer, program director, host, production manager, director or station manager.

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