Diploma in Business Management

secured loan,secured loan calculator, student debt consolidation loans, consolidating students loan, purchase structured settlements,Sabah Cosmopoint, Cosmopoint KK,Cosmopoint Universitiy,Kolej Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu SabahThe Diploma in Business Management is designated to produce graduates with the technical and conceptual skills necessary to visualize and execute business ideas. The programme is suitable for those who aspire to manage business studies with an emphasis on critical thinking in management principles and practices.

The programme aims to produce well-rounded, innovative and enterprising graduates who are equipped with the necessary skills to run their own businesses. The Business and Management Project provides students with invaluable experience for starting small businesses or being a proactive employee in an organisation.

Programme Aims
1.To equip graduates with the concepts of business, human resource management, organisational behaviour and innovation management.
2.To enhance graduates' interpersonal communications skills, report writting and presentation skills.
3.To produce graduates who are able to solve corporate problems effectively and ethically.
4.To analyse and determine the factors required to create a conductive and productive working environment in an organisation.

Career Prospects
Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be able to work as assistant product managers, business development managers, loan officers, business.

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