Diploma in Culinary Arts

The Diploma in Culinary Arts focuses on culinary skills, practical hands-on and theoretical training in all areas of food production. It equips the students with real gastronomic skills and knowledge about food preparation, food safety and presentation techniques required for entry into the food service industry. At KLMU, students will acquire important skills in culinary skills such as knife skills, cooking methods, timing, mise-en place (preparation prior to service), creative plates & presentations, flavor & seasoning, cooking on line and others. Being well organized is the key to running a successful kitchen. Ordering, scheduling, food costing, and dealing with suppliers are just some of the work involved.

Programme Aims
The programme aims to equip the students with basic culinary skills as well specialized knowledge and skills in the area of food and management.
1.To develop transferable skills for entry level positions and career advancement in the Hospitality & Food Service Industry.
2.To prepare students to be professionals in food service professions.

Career Prospects
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