Diploma in Food Service Management

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Instruction is also provided in sanitation, cost control, quality control and academic subjects. Students are also made aware of the techniques and importance of accurate cost estimating and labor and materials cost control.

Programme Aims
1.To heighten significance of the foods industry and economy.
2.To develop transferable skills for entry level positions and career advancement in the Hospitality & Food Service Industry.
3.To prepare students for a wide array of food service professions.
4.Students who have completed the programme are eligible for 3 interviews for jobs arranged by our Job Placement Unit.

Career Prospects
Students will be prepared for a supervisory or management role within the food Service Industry. They will also be able to apply for jobs in the food prodiction, food service or food retailing sectors. They can work as Food & Beverage (F&B) managers, Food Retail Managers, Restaurant Managers and more.

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