Diploma in Sales & Marketing

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Students develop professional skills in areas such as marketing and sales, basic marketing research, public relations and promotional activities. the programme is designed to furnish students with the ability to think critically in a competitive business environment.

Programme Aims
1.To equip graduates with the concepts of sales and marketing in different business and industry environments.
2.To enhance graduates' interpersonal communications, writting and presentation skills.
3.To produce graduates who are able to solve corporate problems effectively and ethically.
4.To analyse and determine the factors that lead to best practices in sales and marketing and ways to implement policies and plans.

Career Prospects
Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be able to work in many industries such as engineerring, health care, advertising, education, real estate, insurance, banking, finance, IT, retail, food & beverages, hospitality, travel and manufacturing. The job prospect for Sales and Marketing are large and varied.

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