Diploma in Public Relation

Cosmopoint University, Cosmopint Kota Kinabalu, Kolej cosmopoint KK, Cosmopoint  KK Sabah,secured loan,secured loan calculator, student debt consolidation loans, consolidating students loan, purchase structured settlementsEvery organisation needs help communicating with the media, employees and the general public. This includes private corporations, government and non-profit agencies, all of whom rely on trained public relations professionals to use communication strategy and techniques to help build positive relationships with all of their stakeholders.

The programme is distinguished not only for providing the technical expertise necessary to work successfully in PR but also strategic thinking and communication management that will help graduates to succeed and quickly advance in their careers.

Programme Aims
1.To provide a solid foundation in practical and hands-on work experience blended with communication theory.
2.To develop dynamic graduates who will excel in all aspects of communications
3.To provide strong writing skills in any subject matter.

Career Prospects
Graduates are well-equipped to find employment as public relations consultants, event management consultants, communications managers, media relations specialist, special events coordinators, information officers and all work related to PR and corporate communications.

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