Malaysia Latest Scholarship List 2014

We know there are many of you are busy looking for scholarship to further your studies. This is a very good news for students and soon-to-be IPTA/IPTS students in 2014. There are so many scholarships available out there for you to apply. Who knows this time you are the lucky one to be the recipients for one of those scholarships offer.

This is also a good news for students in Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu (KK) Sabah. Please take this opportunity to apply. You may send your scholarship application to them through their online scholarship application. Most of the scholarships application form can be downloaded online from the internet.

Overseas scholarship awards such as Australia, Japan, Korea, France, UK and US are also open for application. For more information and details on those scholarship awards 2014, visit Pendidikan Malaysia webpage for the application form and contact details.

Once again, please take this golden opportunity. There are so many more scholarship available out there, just that extra efforts and time needed to find them. We will update it here if there is new scholarships offer available from time-to-time.

For more scholarship information please visit