25 Cosmopoint Students Trained To Cook Pahang Cuisine

Twenty five students have been trained by culinary Faculty Chef Raymund Harland Darau to cook Pahang cuisine.

Harland said that Pahang cuisine consists of chicken but the taste varies according to flavour, colour and how it is being served. “Every time they finish cooking, I myself will taste and evaluate the results of these dishes so that they know who’s the best and how they could improve,” he added.

According to Harland, the students are divided into 5 groups with 5 students in each group. He said, “They will complement each other in cutting vegetables and chicken, cooking, decorating and serving the food. The time taken to complete the Pahang cuisine is 2 hours including cooking, decorating and serving.

“Every time they go into the kitchen, the students cook various dishes in order to improve the quality and presentation of their dishes. Harland is very proud of what his students have done and he hope that they will be successful in the future”.

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