Cosmopoint College Preparing Students To Work In A Hotel

Two groups comprising 14 students from the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism are conducting their practical test at the Mock Front Desk at Cosmopoint KK2 as part of their subject assessment. Cosmopoint KK2 has conveniently set up a mock front desk and a mock hotel room for all the hotel students in order for them to have an insight of a virtual hotel setting.

According to the lecturer of Hotel Management, Jamie Chiu Suet Yiee, the practical session is divided into two groups of six to seven students per group. One group act as front office staffs and the other group act as the tourists. She mentioned that the purpose of the mock front desk is to provide students a training room to practice and learn about Front Office Operations.

“We have already trained the students on reservation, check-in, lobby management and checkout process as well as guest complaints and attend to special request from guests. So this practical test is to evaluate their performance on front office operation in terms of their communication skill, problem solving skill, and the level of services,” she said.

She added, “I am very happy as I can see the students improved their own communication skills with one another especially during this practical test after they went through four practical classes.

“My advice to all my students is that they must be fit both physically and mentally to face the real situation in the hotel industry. I hope they will be patient because working in the hotel industry is not easy”.

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