Cosmopoint Students Educational Visit To Pulau Gaya

A group of students and lecturers from five faculties of KK2 namely Architecture, Pastry, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Physiotherapy organized a day trip to Pulau Gaya where they held a charity event at SMK/SK Pulau Gaya.

Students from Architecture Faculty took the opportunity to study a site plan for above water construction projects. According to Architecture lecturer, Afdalila Abas, her students did an observation and analysis for the site of architectural design studio of community hall and water transportation terminal for Pulau Gaya.

The rest of the students and lecturers also conducted colouring contests, fashion shows and a sewing workshop. Celebrity Chef Dion conducted a cooking demo assisted by Chef Naim and pastry students.

Afdalila encourage students from other faculties to organize similar visits for the benefits of students and the community.