Congratulations To All Our Graduates

More than 400 Cosmopoint students from KLMU, Sarawak and Sabah received their diploma during the 20th Convocation ceremony at Magellan Sutera Harbour Kota Kinabalu on 16th April 2015.

In his speech, Head of Academic Affairs, Cosmopoint Colleges, Raja Mohan S. Subramaniam commended the graduates for their passion, commitment and open minds to learn.

" You are here today because of your own hard work and preseverance. You are here because of the pillars that kept you grounded, your teachers, your friends or your family," he said

He told them they are the new generation, who have been presented with great opportunity, to be the architects and builders of a new world.

"With everything that you have learnt over the years, your generation has been entrusted to take on the daunting role of being the pioneers of the future. Use it to your best advantage. Dream big, start something new, remember failure is not final. Get up and try again. After all, these are the values that we work hard to instill in our students," Raja Mohan added.

He stated that cosmopoint serves as their catapult, the platform to get them started whilst KLMUC continues their education journey.

He assured them that Cosmopoint will go even as far  to helping them secure a job with reputable company or organisation.

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